About This Blog’s Creator

My name is Bambi; I am an Army Wife.  My husband and I were together for three years prior to us getting married on August 1, 2009.  Only eight months prior to our wedding, my husband enlisted in the US Army as an active-duty soldier.  Although I felt like I was prepared for marriage, I was unprepared for the responsibilities of being a military spouse.

I love my husband with all of my heart, but the life of a military spouse is not without its own struggles, and it’s not always pretty.  Because of this, the purpose of this blog for me to write about the trials and tribulations, as well as the joys and advantages.  In either respect, I plan to respect the rules of Operations security (OPSEC), and hope that if you choose to comment on any blog, that you respect these rules as well.  The OPSEC rules are broken down as follows, in accordance with the DoD:

Don’t discuss current or future destinations/ ports of call/deployment bases .
Don’t discuss current or future operations or missions.
Don’t discuss current or future dates and times of exercises or missions.
Don’t discuss readiness issues and numbers.
Don’t discuss specific training equipment.
Don’t discuss people’s names and operations.
Don’t speculate about current or future operations.
Don’t spread rumors about current, future, or past operations or movements.
Don’t assume the enemy is not trying to collect information on you; he/she is.
Be smart, use your head, and always think OPSEC when using email, phone, chat rooms and message boards.”

I am also a business professional – my husband’s transition from Active Duty to Reservist has allowed me to settle my career roots as I pursue another dream, after I had pursued my own business in photography.  I still shoot, as a hobbyist, with my Nikon or my Samsung Galaxy if I do not have my dSLR handy.

I am also re-enrolling in college, to achieve my masters in leadership studies.  I graduated with a Bachelor’s in Sociology in 2008.

When time permits, I love to travel – either on day trips, for a weekend, or longer vacations.  I have visited Quebec, Toronto, Germany, 15 of the U.S. states, and Washington D.C.  Seeing more of the world is on my bucket list.

Netflix and Pandora Radio keep me sane.

We do not have any children.  We hope soon to get a dog, but at this time we do not have any pets, either.

I hope you enjoy reading my blogs.  Please comment with care.


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