Life Since Homecoming

It has been roughly 4 months since my husband’s unit returned home from Deployment.  My apologies for my extended absence from writing – life has been a whirl since Homecoming.  We moved into a new place to live (a rental), and we only took what was a short reprieve before jumping back into life.

Homecoming was a wonderful, and wonderfully-awkward, transition.  For us, since we managed to keep up and continue good communication during deployment, in a sense we picked up right where we left off.  On the other hand, there was some adjusting for both of us as we learned how to live with each other again.  You know this person intimately, you love this person, but they have not been a part of your daily life or your routine decisions for an extended period.  It’s like playing a game of song and dance, as you find yourself feeling like your starting to date this person again, as opposed to welcoming home your spouse from a day at work.  We didn’t feel like strangers to each other.  Rather, it was hard to believe that the person that you’ve been missing, who has been halfway around the world from you, is now in the same room as you!

Fortunately, as routines go, because we moved into a new apartment shortly after he was home, we did not have any angst about “how things are done here”, since we were figuring out our new space together.

For the two of us, aside from figuring each other out, how the time had changed us, the transition was wonderful.  We spent a few extended weekends away, some with family and some just the two of us, and otherwise jumped back into life.  He took some brief time off before returning to civilian work; which in hindsight, was not long enough, because he’s felt like he hit the ground running and hasn’t stopped since he got home.  Not only have we moved into a new apartment, my husband has also taken on side projects to help others, and with the help of our parents, has built ourselves a shed!  It’s only been recently that we’ve been able to finally relax.

Life is calming down a bit, and we are fitting into our routine with each other.  Needless to say, I am absolutely loving having my soldier home.




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