Is That The Light, Getting Closer?…

I am excited.

I am finally excited.

The light at the end of the ominous tunnel is no longer a portentous, evasive, distant object in the way off distance.  And still, while the light isn’t “static” yet (being that I do not have an official date that I need to keep secret on my blog for obvious OPSEC purposes), but I do know that there is a particular weekend that I can plan on.  And THAT is something to be excited about!

I finally have a countdown that I can literally and figuratively count on.

You know, unless the military decides to change things.  (That NEVER happens, right?)

But I’m finally exciting about something.  Deployment doesn’t seem so daunting anymore; I know it’ll be over sooner than I can imagine, I’m sure.

Deployment. Will. Be. Over.

I just need to let that sentence sink in right now.  Like, wow.  It’s only a matter of time until my husband is home and in my arms again, and we are picking up where we left off and resuming our lives together.  We’ll be enjoying each other’s company in one of our favorite vacation spots.  This, I am especially looking forward to!

To everyone else currently experiencing a deployment, I hope that the light at the end of your tunnel is also getting increasingly closer, and that homecoming will be upon you before you know it!

Best wishes for you all!


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