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As part of my 100th Blog Post, I had asked my contributors to share their personal stories of how they met their significant others, where they met, where they became engaged, and/or where they were married.  Because my 100th blog post is already lengthy in itself, I wanted these lady’s stories to be showcased in a post separate from the previous one.  I also invite you, the reader, to share your stories in the comments section if you wish to do so.


We met in the warehouse, while both were dual active duty. I know nothing romantic…It wasn’t almost 10 months later that on February 1st, 2011 I asked him on our first date. We were both temporary active duty in Virginia and for our first date we went to Chilli’s [sic] and watched Tangled (hey I asked him out – therefore I got a say what movie we gonna watch). Then two months later, on April 2nd, my husband proposed to me. Three months later of July 22nd, 2011 we tied our knot in the beautiful California wine country. I am so thankful for the military presence in our marriage – if it wasn’t for the military –me, being from Los Angeles, would have never met my husband from Miami. If it wasn’t for us joining the military we would have never met!!! -Anonymous


My husband and I met 20 years ago when we were both 17 and it was the beginning of our senior year in high school and I think it was fate.

We were introduced to each other by his stepbrother who recognized me as I was walking by, but I didn’t recognize him since I had only met him the Friday before. But what I thought was funny was that there wasn’t any reason for us to not have met sooner since he lived 2 houses behind my grandparents home and across the street from my cousins (he was told [sic] friends with a lot of my cousins).

We had our first baby (our oldest son) two years later, who’s now 18, and then a little over a year later we decided to finally get married (we didn’t want to get married only because of our son and wanted to make sure that it was what we both wanted), a few months later I left for basic at FLW. Two more years (1999) pass by and it’s now his turn to leave for Basic/OSUT at Fort Benning and while I accept full responsibility (well my parents probably also influenced him as well) for his joining, I remind him that he’s stayed in all of these years by choice.

Being an Army family has had its challenges but they’ve only made us more resilient, independent, and stronger. -SG


I met my husband in early February of 1998. We attended the same college and were in the same dorm, separated only by one suite. I had just come back from the Gym and was on the front stoop of our dorm building. He came barging through the door, introduced himself and invited me to watch a movie. I declined of course. After leaving several messages on my dry erase board located on my dorm room door (inviting me over for a movie, so persistent…) I finally dragged a friend with me and met him at his dorm room.

Fast Times at Ridgemont High.

That was the start.

Within the first week of knowing my husband I learned he was in the Army Reserves. He had started College in January because he was away at training. He joined the military when he 17 years old with permission from his parents. I have been with him through the bulk of his military life.

I have always been proud of my husband being in the Army. His passion for it is admirable and I am in awe of him. In the early years of our relationship it was easy. I got to know many others in his unit at the time and joined him a few times during his weekend drills. His unit was 2.5 hours away from the college (and later our home) so I sometimes went with him and met the other soldiers and spent time with his family.

After the deployments started taking place it began to prove a little more difficult. Especially after children came into the picture. He switched units after his tour in Afghanistan and was now 3.5 hours away from Drill weekends. Our relationship has been tested, twisted, honored, strengthened and captivated.

We are strong. Our love doesn’t fade with Deployments or weekend drills or two to three week trainings. In a way, it has made us stronger. It has made us prouder. It has shown us love and marriage. It has allowed us to see each other in a way that many couples don’t have the chance to do. It takes work. Patience. Persistence. Unconditional Love.

We strong together and we are strong apart. -KF

As mentioned, please share your stories in the comments.  I would share mine, but I feel as though my story is shared in my other posts.  Now is your turn to share your story, and read the stories of others.


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