Happy Mother’s Day <3

Happy Mother’s Day!!!, to all the ladies who are Moms!  – Either by having your own children, adopting children, marrying into the family, or just being an amazing woman that others consider you to be like a mom to them, despite the lack of legal documents, or stretch marks.

Today is a day that we give special attention to our Mothers.  Or, if you celebrated like me, the last day of a weekend spent celebrating Mom.

This was the first, and hopefully only, Mothers Day (alike so many holidays since last autumn), spent celebrated without my husband.  When I got together with my parents and my in-laws, we certainly talked about him, laughed at the memories, at the things we’d imagine he’d say or do…so he certainly was not forgotten, even though he couldn’t be home for this one.

My parents, my in-laws, and myself all met up Saturday morning for breakfast at one of our favorite places to stop at – a German restaurant, shop, and deli.  You can enjoy a delicious authentic German, home-cooked (everything from scratch, practically), then walk right into their store that features authentic German goods (candies, mixes, meats, cheeses, spices, sauces, etc. etc. etc.)  They have a deli with fresh meats, salads, pickles… pretty much everything.  We had such a good time enjoying each others company, had a delicious breakfast, and fun shopping and tasting some samples.  Oh, and did I mention they have fresh-baked pastries, all from scratch, for sale as well?  I couldn’t resist buying a deliciously huge cherry danish, as well as a couple jelly-filled cookies.  I thought I was picking up a raspberry one, and a blueberry one.  But I found out the blueberry one was actually a fig-filling.  Kind of disappointing, only because I love blueberry anything, but it was still so delicious.  I wished I’d of bought more.

So, if you’re ever in Waldoboro, ME, I highly recommend you look up and go to Morse’s Saurkraut.  Worth the trip.

But, regardless of the delicious food.  This Mother’s Day weekend has been a good one.  We’ve done a few things to make the weekend special, and appreciate Mom.  Which, regardless of whatever YOU do this weekend, make sure you make your Mom, or Mother of your children, know that you appreciate them.  (That is, assuming you do.  I know there are some extreme situations and circumstances where you might not…)  But most Mothers, at least, are always there for us when we need them – to support us, push is, put up with us, cheer us on, sacrifice for us, and do everything they can to ensure we have everything we need, and at least some of what we want.  (Our Dads are important, too, but they’ll have their day in June.)  Mothers are a kind all their own.  Something changes in a woman (or than the physical and hormonal changes) when she becomes a mother…even if she’s adopting, or caring for others as if they were her own.  For most women, and I don’t want to downplay all of the other accomplishments women are capable of, but for most women, becoming a Mother is the one thing we may be the best at, try the hardest at, and the one thing that comes the most natural to us.  We don’t need a manual, instruction video, or Google.  Most of being a Mother is what women just do…the smiles they give, the punishments they impose, knowing they will make us all better people because of it, the hugs, just showing up, kind words they say, the rules they give us…

So, appreciate your Mother today – with a phone call, a card, getting together with her if she’s close enough to do so… And if your wife is the/a Mother to your children, appreciate her, too.  Moms are pretty amazing people, our lives wouldn’t be the same without them!

So, thank you Mumma, and Mumma2, for everything you’ve done, and continue to do.  My husband and I both appreciate everything you’ve ever done for us, and we know you’ll always be there anytime we need you.  Moms like you are the reason people like us grow into the people we are today.  We love you both!


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