Military Spouse Survey

Doing my usual casual reading of other military spouse blogs, I came across this survey, on this blog: (Which I LOVE the title of the blog, “Following His Combat Boots.”  Witty!)

So, since Kristel loves questions, surveys, and talking about me from time to time, I thought I’d take the time to answer the questions.

1. How long have you been a military wife? :  1 year, 8 months.  It really feels like longer, though…in a good way.

2. What branch of service is your husband? :  US Army

3. Active/Reserve? :  Active Duty

4. What is his job? :  Supposed to be ATC, but they have him doing Flight Following instead…I forget the actual name of the job, but it’s a 15P job, when he’s supposed to be a 15Q.

5. How many deployments have you gone through? :  This is our first.

6. Camo or Dress uniforms on your man?:  I do love him in his Class A’s, but I do sometimes prefer how laid back the ACU’s are in comparison.

7. What do you like about being a military wife? :  I like that I was able to be a Housewife for the term prior to my husband’s deployment…had he not been enlisted, we both would have had full time jobs, and I think less time to spend together.  But maybe that’s just because deployment put that much needed time in perspective for me, and otherwise might not of thought anything of working.

8. Do you live on base? :  No.

9. What is your favorite base so far?:  We’ve only been stationed at one, but I’ve visited Benning and Rucker as well, for his BCT and AIT.  I’m sure there are better out there, we just haven’t been sent to them.  Although what I saw of Benning was nice.

10. What is the hardest part of the military life? :  Well deployment certainly isn’t a paint-by-number scenario.  So far, for me, this Deployment is quite possibly the hardest thing I’ve ever endured, in life in general.

11. Do you go to the grocery store or Commissary? :  The grocery store.

12. Do you work or stay at home? :  I am currently employed during my husband’s deployment, and intend to find a job once returning to Post.  I was a Housewife for the year prior to deployment.

13. Do you have a lot of military wife friends? :  I’ve made a few friends on Post.

14. Do you prefer Walmart or the BX/PX/NEX/MCX? :  For me, Target.

15. How did your husband propose? :  Myself, his parents, my mom, his brother, and a friend of their family were all visiting for my husband’s graduation from BCT, and on our last night together we all went out to dinner at Carrabbas.  I had known for some time that he was going to propose, since we discussed it after he had left for BCT, and everyone else knew he was going to propose during this trip – they knew more details than I did, I was just hoping he’d FINALLY ask me.  So, after we ate dinner, while we were waiting for desserts to arrive, he pulled out my engagement ring, and said, “Everyone here is waiting for me to ask you if you’ll marry me, so, will you?”  Pretty much his exact words, which we laugh about now.  But without hesitation, I said “YES!”

16. Did you marry him after he joined or before? :  After he joined, but we had been together for 2 years prior to that time.

17. How long have you been together? :  We’ve been together for 5 years this year, will have been married for 2 of them in August.

18. Any kids?:  None.

19. Any kids yet to come? :  Someday, a few years from now.


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