You Want to do WHAT With Our Pay?

This whole “Government Shutdown Showdown” I am sure has everyone up in arms.  I know I am.  And I don’t even know where to begin.

From what I understand, in my news article readings, government shutdowns in the past have NOT included withholding paychecks to the military.  But now Obama has put that on the table.  Whether it’s a threat mechanism to get congress to agree on a new budget, it’s certainly not a joke.  From what I understand, too, there’s NO NEED to do so.

Do you know how many military families depend solely on their service member’s paycheck?  I don’t know the number, but I can guarantee it’s A LOT.  In large majority of the military families I know (boils down to 9 out of 10), the civilian spouse (usually wife) does not work.  She’s a housewife.  I was a housewife for a little better than a year while my husband was stationed on post prior to deployment.  Sometimes we’re housewives or househusbands out of necessity – unable to find gainful employment in the area we’re stationed in (a large reason why I was a housewife), or it’s a better decision for those with children.  Some spouses work because they need something to do to keep themselves busy, and have something of their own to do.  Others, simply because one paycheck from the military isn’t enough.  (In my opinion, it’s barely enough, but it’s manageable).  So, now Obama and his administration want to withhold these paychecks?

To me, it’s a slap in the face.  Yes, I’m a civilian, but I’m an Army Wife.  And sure, I have my own paycheck that I bring in bi-weekly.  It’s not as large as my husband’s paychecks, but it’s manageable.  But it certainly won’t sustain me and keep me in a financially comfortable place for too long, if they’re withholding paychecks for a substantial period of time.  But I do take this very personally.  The Momma in me feels empathy for all of the military families already struggling with finances, and those who aren’t, but all in the same who still rely on those paychecks to come in twice a month.  On a micro level, the economy still sucks, and people are still struggling to get to a place where they are financially comfortable.  Withholding thousands of dollars per month from families is absolutely despicable.  Sure it’s a few thousand a month, but it doesn’t go very far when you have housing to pay for, food, gas, medical expenses, expenses for children, utilities, and the inevitable unexpected big expense of either repairing something in the home or for the car, etc.

So, I’m upset by this cowardly move by the President.  I was, for the most part, an Obama supporter.  I liked his ideas when he took office, and the determination he had.  I hate that congress fought him on everything he wanted to do, for what I can only see as personal resentments, and not for any legitimate reason.  And then he slipped into more of a celebrity-role, than an actual President.  Now he wants to do something, show he’s the boss.  Wrong move if you want to get your point across, I say.  It’s a low blow.  And no, I don’t think Obama is the only one at fault.  I blame Congress and Government in general for being so f*cking pig-headed, stubborn, and so stuck on their own party’s agenda that they’re unable to see past their differences to be able to get anything accomplished.  For Christ’s sake, a group of third-graders could manage this country better than the men and women currently in Congress do.  And I’d bet there’d be Ice Cream Thursdays, too.

Which leads me on a tangent.  I don’t think you can make laws that have to do with basic human values.  We’re not all EVER going to agree on issues like abortion.  Our culture is too diverse, we’re too opinionated, and we know too much.  Why can’t we live and let live?  So someone wants an abortion, if that person has NOTHING to do with you, you should have no say in what that person does with their life.  Stop taking everyone elses actions, thoughts, and opinions so personally.  Worry about yourself and your own family, and stop giving a damn about the doings of people you don’t know.  Government should stop wasting time and money on these kinds of issues.  And we should stop getting involved in other countries’ civil wars.  Stop playing the role of Big Brother, invest in our own economy.  We’ve gotten too big, too involved, and stretched our assets way too thin.  We can’t keep going this route and expect success as the end result.  We’re running ourselves into the ground, beating our heads against the wall.

I don’t have any quick fixes.  But I do know that our system is broken.  Our government isn’t for the people anymore.  And all of the systems we have in place designed to HELP people who truly need it, have become crutches, something people rely on, take advantage of, and become lazy.  They don’t ever HAVE to do anything for themselves, so why would they?  Let’s focus our attention back on US, get able people off their asses and working, earning their rights instead of just expecting a life of luxury by doing nothing, and get help for the people who truly need it, while helping them rehabilitate their lives so they are still maintaining some sense of independence instead of getting a free ride on federal and state care for the rest of their lives, while being able to have child after child after child that they cannot afford to take care of, that the rest of the hard-working society will end up paying for.  (Can you tell I’m a bit bitter regarding freeloaders?)

We’ve all been flipped on our asses, and can’t seem to figure out how to get up on our feet, brush ourselves off, and get going again in the right direction without stumbling around with no sense of direction.


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