31 Day Challenge : Day 22

Day 22 – A picture of something you wish you were better at





I wish I was better at styling my own hair.


My mom is a simple woman when it comes to hair and makeup – she doesn’t wear makeup (only to special occasions), and her hair is so simple – she dries, adds maybe some styling gel or hairspray, and goes – and it looks great all day.  So, she wasn’t really raised as the “girly girly” type who was into fashion makeup, and all the hair style trends.  So, I didn’t get that from Mom.  My grandmother bought me some, I guess “nice” (being expensive) makeup when I was in junior high, but I was never really given a tutorial on proper applications, colors, techniques.  My mom brought me to the Clinique makeup counter when I was in high school for some basics on colors and what not…then I found out in November/December that my makeup was color matched to me for when I was slightly sunkissed, so it was to the department store to buy makeup that would match my skin.  And, it’s been fairly self-taught from there for makeup.  But hair…I can do some simple things well, and they look nice…but I feel very basic.  It’s either down, straightened, twisted back, or in a pony-tail.  I’d love to have the knowledge and skill on how to perform more advanced updos, have some rollers so I could curl my hair sometimes or to add body…



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