31 Day Challenge : Day 19

Day 19 – A picture and a letter





Dear Shoes,

You may not know this, but I love you!  Well, some of you.  The ones that both look great, make ME look great, and are comfortable enough to wear all day.  Yeah, I love you!  And even the ones that aren’t comfortable ALL day, but long enough for the occasion you’re planned for are pretty well liked, too.

I can honestly say that in recent years I have comes to own almost 40 pair of you…between sandals, wedges, sneakers, winter boots, fashion boots, clogs, peep-toe heels, closed-toe pumps, strappy pumps, and even a few pairs of flip-flop…and it hasn’t been easy.  Over the years, I’ve come to want you in my life if you are of comfort and quality…and that does sometimes come with a price.  But I consider you to be a good investment if you meet all of my criteria.  And because you are of good quality, I know you will last your value, too.  In the past I’ve had some of you in my life that pinched my toes, gave me blisters, cut into the top of my foot, were bought because of your need not necessarily your comfort or style…but I have weeded you out of my life, and out of my closet, so the many of you that remain should feel special – if, in fact, you even had feelings.

You’ve literally been everywhere with me…and between all of you have brought traces of everywhere we’ve been back with us I’m sure.


I really do appreciate what you do…helping to get me around everywhere, giving me traction when I need it, height, comfort, keeping my feet warm, keeping my feet cool, keeping my feet dry, allowing me to get my toes wet, allowing me to climb over rocks and go for walks in the woods, completing an outfit… And I wanted you to know that.  You’re not just an article, an accessory, that gets thrown on and off throughout the day, put in a box in my closet, and forgotten about.  You are a crucial part to my every day life – every day I pick the perfect pair, either for the occasion, or the outfit.  My day…my life…would not be complete without you!


Yours Truly,



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