31 Day Challenge: Day 1

Day 1 : A picture of yourself with 10 facts






1.  I am an amateur photographer, attempting to make my way into the professional realm of the art.  I took this picture of myself.

2.  I love mornings, but I also love to sleep and hate leaving my nice, warm bed.

3.  I do not like it when my food touches other foods on my plate, and will often not eat the sections of food that have touched other foods.  I know this is absolutely ridiculous, but if foods aren’t meant to mix, and they do, I can’t eat them.

4.  I sing in my car, and I don’t believe anyone else does.  I never SEE anyone else singing in their cars while they are driving.  So in comparison, I feel like I’m putting on concerts behind the wheel.

5.  I love snow.  I mean seriously, not just the “Oh, I like a white Christmas” kind of love for snow…I get EXCITED when the weatherman calls for a blizzard!  No, I don’t mind shoveling, and I love to go out and drive in it.

6.  I like writing with medium-tip, blue ink pens.

7.  I have a tendency to accumulate partially consumed water bottles.  (Have you seen “Signs”?)  I grab a new one every day, or just about, and if I don’t finish it, it makes it to the bedroom where I take medication every night before bed.  So, right now I have 4 water bottles on my nightstand.

8.  I change my hair constantly.  Typically, each year I get a new color, or a new cut (often drastic).  I’ve been brunette, blonde, and a redhead, had purple put in a couple of sections of my hair…had long hair, short hair, bangs, no bangs, side-swept bangs…  I can pretty much mark every year by a haircut.  However, for the term of my husband’s deployment, I am NOT cutting my hair beyond that of a trim.

9.  I believe, when I married my husband, that I married the love of my life.

10.  When my mom took me to get my ears pierced in the second grade, the pain was so intense to me after they pierced the first ear, that I would not let them touch my other ear.  Then the piercing I HAD done ended up getting infected, so the following year I had to go back to get BOTH ears done, anyways.  Icing them beforehand the “numb” the areas did not work, in my opinion.


2 thoughts on “31 Day Challenge: Day 1

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  1. I sing in my car everyday! I think most people do…but most probably tone it down when they get to stop lights and stuff from embarrassment. I do get funny looks at the stop light before my school a couple times a week…but oh well!


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