Quiet Times, and Senate Repeal

I wasn’t sure what I wanted to write about – I know it’s been a while.  But I honestly have a hard time sitting down to write about things, when either not much has happened, not much is on my mind, or everything I could think to write about would break the rules of OPSEC.

But, with the Senate Repeal today of “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell”, I thought, as an Army Wife, I should sit down and mention it.

Honestly, I am not sure how I feel about this piece of legislation.  Before I get thrown in front of a bus, let me explain myself.

Firstly, I am not prejudice against anyone for any reason, other than maybe sour personalities.  But for no reason innate to the person – color, heritage, religion, gender, orientation, what-have-you.  And I fully and honestly believe that we ALL should have the same rights, opportunities, and chances for experiences.  No group should be held back or denied anything because of their innate qualities.

My hesitance comes from special-interest laws.  I do NOT agree with special laws – it should be the same for everyone.  Now, from what I understand right now, this is a repeal, so anyone who is opening gay and serving or wants to serve, cannot be denied because they are openly gay, so this isn’t a special-law.  How I see things, your sexual orientation shouldn’t be an issue at all, and not even brought up.

As a heterosexual, I don’t go throwing around the fact that I am straight, so I do not expect someone who is homosexual to go throwing around that fact about themselves.  “But you go out in public with your husband,  Kristel.  Your PDA throws around that you are straight,” you may say.  This is not what I am referring to.  Being in public, showing affection to the one you love, isn’t what I mean by throwing around your orientation.  I mean being absolutely obnoxious about it.  Straight or gay, you are what you are, let it be what it is.

I just wish that these kinds of things would be non-issues.  That we could see past these details that don’t really matter (it doesn’t tell me if you’re a good person, if I’m going to like you or not), and just LIVE.  Let’s stop dwelling on how we can categorize people, how we can see each other as being different, and start realizing what we can do together if we cooperate.  THAT’S what I want to get to.  THAT’S what I would like to see happen.  You are who you are, and it just is.

But, I am glad for everyone, to now have this opportunity to serve our country, AND be able to discuss being in a relationship with a same-sex partner, and not be fearful of losing your position with the military.  It’s true, that who you love, doesn’t make you any less or more qualified to fight for our country, to perform a job, to wear a uniform.  It’s a shame that it is taking our country so long to get to where we are, but I am, at the same time, glad we are getting there, and am proud of our government for recognizing this fact.

All that aside, everything for me, personally, is relatively quiet.  I am in training for my new job, and that is going well.  A little overwhelming at times, to remember everything, but overall, very nice.  I have spoken with my husband an average of twice a week.  It’s nice, I wish it were more often, but what can you do?  He is doing well, would prefer to be home, but I can imagine just about everyone would.  He has received a lot of care packages for the holidays, and hasn’t opened any that are wrapped for Christmas, except one of my gifts.  Most everything that’s wrapped, he could guess what it is (he always ruins surprises by doing that), but this one gift I wrapped, he for the life of him could not figure out what it was.  Probably because it wasn’t something he had asked for, or we had talked about.  So, he decided to open that one early, and save the rest for Christmas, to give him something to look forward to.  He was excited to see that I had bought him the entire collection of Goosebumps on DVD, but I’ll bet slightly disappointed when it wasn’t a phone.  We had been talking about getting a world-phone out to him, so he could call more often, without being on a time limit all of the time.  I’ve been doing a lot of research (and reactivating and deactivating his phone line in the process), to figure out what would be a good phone, and a good SIM card that would guarantee coverage in his location.  I tell ya, for someone who has slipped a little with keeping up with the technology today, it was a little confusing to me what we’d have to do.

Otherwise, my family and I are getting ready for a fairly quiet Christmas.  My parents set up a skinny real tree this year.  No lights outside, no wreaths.  Everyone has been too busy.  It’s kind of sad, it’s like we’re having a depressing Christmas, since normally in my years at home, they’ve gone all out (but not over the top) with lights, decorating, my mom used to get her nutcracker collection out, she used to plan a Christmas party… I’m actually really glad we’re not having a Christmas party this year.  I still get a little emotionally overwhelmed at big family events without my husband, so less is more this year.

So, that’s where everything is right now – training for my new job, getting ready for a quiet Christmas, and missing my husband every day.  I’m glad I have R&R to look forward to, but I (to use an expression I hate to use) “cannot wait” for this year of deployment to be over.


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