Mailing Care Packages

I just wanted to share a little tidbit with anyone who is mailing packages to deployed service members.


I know we all want the best for our loved ones while they are deployed, and want them to have all of the comforts of home to help fill the void of being away.  But before you send out that next box, think about this.


Did he/she ask you to mail everything in that box?  Sure, I know some people probably don’t care and will take advantage of anything you’re sending.  But, for those who are like my husband, all of those items may not be appreciated.

My husband, for example, is running out of storage room, FAST.  Between the items he has to have (G.I.) for deployment, the items he wants, and the items he didn’t really ask for but ended up being shipped to him anyway, he has no room left for anything else right now.  And no, I am not guilty of sending him unrequested items.  And I monitor everything my parents put into a care package.  But there are some who just want to send him everything under the sun he liked or enjoyed while he was state-side, without considering how much room he actually has to keep everything.  Or how much time he has to use anything.  He’s pulling 12 hour shifts, plus PT, then all he wants to do, or have time for, is to eat, shower, and sleep.  So he’s not watching a lot of movies, or reading all to quickly.  He may, in the future, if his schedule changes, but for now, he’s not doing all too much outside of this routine.


At least if he’s overloaded with edible goodies, he can share them, and eat them.  They don’t have to be stored forever and ever and ever in a Tuff-Box or locker.  But for the inedible items, space is limited.  I almost just took pictures of what I got him for Christmas, and sent those with a message of “This is what is waiting for you under the tree for when you come home,” so he’d know he had them, or could request I send them at any time.  But they’d be home, he wouldn’t have to store them, or worry about getting them home.  That’s always a thought, too, for holidays and birthdays, unless they specifically WANT you to mail everything.


So, just pack and mail with some common sense.  The thought and gesture are always appreciated, but the package getting mailed, not always so much.


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