What Makes You Important?

A thought came to mind.  It relates to whether you are employed or not, what your job is, and your seniority at said job.


But what makes you important, as it relates to being employed?


As a kid, I used to think that what made you important, and worthy of respect, was your job title.  Don’t get me wrong, if you are Senior Vice President to a company, or even a Company Owner, that in its own does grant you a certain level of importance.  But as a person, as a human being, I don’t think it’s that heavy.

Maybe I’m just coming up with thoughts and excuses to elevate my own self-importance, since I’ve been a housewife/homemaker for the past year and am re-establishing myself in the career world.  Maybe I’m right.  Who knows, I don’t care, this is my blog, and this is my opinion.


But, I don’t think your job should define you, and should make you better than someone else, simply because you have the job.  But there are people who aren’t working, or who aren’t holding an admirable job, who are amazing people.  And the rest of the details of their lives define who they are.


Especially in recent years, where employment is increasingly hard to come by, people are losing jobs because companies are failing or cutting back, and people are unable to get the jobs they want, the jobs they went to college for, because the market for employment has become so much more difficult.  Yes, promotions are amazing, and yes, even being employed shouldn’t be glossed over, especially with so many people trying to get the very few jobs that are available.  I don’t want to gloss over this accomplishment, even as I’ve just been recently hired myself.  But I don’t think people should define themselves by their jobs.

What else have you accomplished?  Have you lived a good life?  Been a good person?  Are you kind and considerate?  Are you a good friend?  A good girlfriend/wife/boyfriend/husband/fiance?  Are you a good mother/father/sister/brother?  Do you love without expectation, without limit, without condition?  Are you safe?  Do you take chances?  Your job is only a part of you, not the entire you.  Make sure you base your expectations of, and your important of yourself or others on what matters, and not your job.


I know, this blog isn’t really tied into Army Wife-dom, but I think it kind of is, as some of us do not work, and I think lose a sense of our own identity and self-importance because of it.



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