Jobs, Clothes, and Cleaning

I hate the title, but nothing else came to mind for this blog.


This past week was good.  Monday my car went in for an inspection and an oil change – my car came back with a clean bill of health.  That’s always a plus.  Not that it should have issues, it’s kept nice, but seeing as it’s going on 10 years old, you never know with automobiles.  On Tuesday I left to spend a few days at my in-laws, to spend some time with them and do some Christmas shopping.  It was really nice to spend the time with my mother and father in-law.  I love that my husband and I both got lucky, that we both love and enjoy spending time with our in-laws.  Wednesday my mother in-law and I took off for the mall, in search of some office-appropriate clothing for myself – their Christmas present to me this year.  Since I am looking for work now, and will need more business-like attire than I have, I really wanted to plump up my closet with nicer clothes, too.  And, for winter, I only have one pair of dress pants – everything else is for spring and summer weather, or jeans.  So, we found a few nice things to mix and match together to give me some more options for what to wear to work, than cycle through one pair of paints and a few blouses or nice sweaters.  And, as if I didn’t need more, I got two new pairs of shoes – only because I don’t have anything other than a pair of clogs for closed-toe shoes, which a lot of offices demand.

Do you know how hard it is to find closed-toed shoes?  I mean, even shopping in November, most everything is either strappy, or a peep-toe!  It was ridiculously hard to find appropriate closed-toe shoes, and then ones that were comfortable!


My mother in-law and I met her niece for lunch, which was a lot of fun.  I couldn’t believe we had spent 2 hours just sitting, eating, and chatting!  And it’s not that service was slow at all, we were just having that good of a time, and lots of conversation.

Thursday we embarked out to the mall again, for the shopping we forgot to do, or were too  tired to stick around for.  haha, can you believe a 25-year-old got tired, shopping?!  I couldn’t.  I used to be a pro at this kind of thing.  I think it’s because I get so emotionally tired now, first, that I get physically tired that much easier, now.


I think we had more fun people-watching than shopping!  But I think I enjoyed most just the time spent together, the conversation, and getting that much closer and more candid with my mother and father in-law.  I may have mentioned my reluctance to let people close to me in a previous post…I have a wall that am trying to break down, I think it’s mostly because of insecurity, but I’m slowly getting over it.

Yesterday I got the Newsletter from my husband’s company, and in it were photos from the day of deployment, and some other times, and on the first page was a picture of my husband and his friend from the day of deployment.  It was a shock to me, and I was so happy to see it, I had a micro-cry.  It was a good micro-cry, though.

I got to talk to my husband this morning, which is always nice for me to hear from him.  He is doing well, settling in and getting used to his schedule.  I can’t help but perk up when I hear from him.  I also got a call from my brother in-law, which was good.  The two have been trying to get a hold of each other, so until they do, it was good to let his brother know how my husband is doing, and vice-versa when I get to talk to my husband.


Otherwise, today has been slow-going: unpacking from my trip to my in-laws, sorting laundry, cleaning, and finally getting to do my laundry (which I am still on the first load of doing).  But I did get a call today about a job I had applied and interviewed for, and I got offered the job!  I am super excited about it, and cannot wait to start!  I really think I’m going to like it, and hope that I’m working with a good group of people: I know the three ladies who interviewed me seemed really nice and great to work for and with.


So, that’s the latest on my life…my business-clothes shopping adventure wasn’t in vain, I had a great few days with my in-laws, and I got to talk to my husband, and my brother in-law.  Deployments suck, but life goes on around you, and you can’t just sit back and dwell on what you’re missing, or you’ll miss everything.


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