What Makes an Army Wife a “REAL” Army Wife?

I had heard a comment recently, that an Army Wife is a real Army Wife if she doesn’t go to her home state during her husband’s deployment, and stays living on or near the Post from which her husband has deployed from.

Again, a thought that never crossed my mind.  I had generally considered all Army Wives real Army Wives…you know, so long as we love our husbands, do NOT cheat on them, and do what we can for them.  Does our geographical location as it relates to our husbands’ Post of Duty really qualify us as a “real” Army Wife or not?

I don’t think it does.  And it’s not just because I am going back to my home state.  I’m an Army Wife wherever I am.  I am forever faithful to my husband, which state I am doesn’t matter.  That’s what makes me a real Army Wife…I love my husband, I am forever faithful to my husband, and I am forever supportive of my husband.

What do you think?  What makes an Army Wife a “real” Army Wife?


5 thoughts on “What Makes an Army Wife a “REAL” Army Wife?

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  1. REAL Army Wifedom has nothing to do with geographical location, years of service, ranks or any other ridiculous “rules of membership”. We are there for our husbands…we are there when he is home, when he is away but more importantly we are there for all those moments in between. You can be on an military post or back at home in all the comfort that is family, doesn’t change the fact that each of us wait…wait on that next email, that next phone call..that next little glimmer of hope that maybe he’ll be coming home soon. No matter where we are they are in our hearts and on our minds and we are doing everything in our power to keep our hands, hearts and minds busy so that we may find the peace to get at least a decent nights sleep only to get up to do it all over again the next day until that year is done. These are the things that make a “Real” Army wife…those moments in between…they come no matter where you are. So don’t EVER lt anyone try to belittle your commitment…we are a special breed.


  2. I think what makes someone qualified as a “real army wife” is someone who got married for the right reasons. There are so many people these days I feel got married because they got pregnant, or for the money. If your heart stays true, then your location shouldn’t matter. Having your husband go through deployment is tough, I wouldn’t blame anyone for wanting to go back to there hometown during there husband’s deployment because that’s where the other part of your family is. You can support your husband from where ever you are. I guess what I’m trying to say is there is no “cookie cutter” army wife, as long as your heart stays true then your a true army wife. Good luck!


  3. I agree, it doesn’t matter how you handle your husband’s deployment so long as you remain faithful and caring for him while he’s gone. I asked an old college roommate to move in with me last time my husband deployed because I knew I’d get overwhelmed and lonely if not. I see nothing wrong with moving in with family if it helps! Stay strong!


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