I was in the process of getting some things set aside for my husband to pack, and changing the lightbulbs in our apartment back to the ones that came in the sockets and taking our energy-efficient ones back home with me.  And I know this is a subject I debate with my husband, father, and even my mother from time to time…

How many pairs of shoes does a woman need, and how many is too many?


I counted 34 pairs of footwear – boots, sneakers, sandals, dressy shoes, casual heels, and one pair of slippers.  Thirty-four.  Do I think this is too much, or even enough?  Of course not.  But I know my husband is going to be a little adamant that I am not to buy any more shoes unless I’m replacing a pair.

On a side-note, my dad even found a Birthday card for me, that on the outside was a photo of shoes strewn across a floor, and on the inside said, “Happy Birthday to a Miss Goody-200 Shoes!”  Perfect.


But, no, I do not think that women can have too many shoes.  There’s different styles to go with different outfits, different occasions, different seasons (no, not “pink is in/out” this season, seasons, but winter, fall, spring, and summer).  Sure, there are some I do not wear as often as others, but for those special occasions, one of those pair will be the perfect shoe.


Just my random thought of the day as I looked at all my boxes of shoes – yes, I keep the boxes my shoes come in, and keep them in their boxes when they are not being worn – keeps ’em cleaner, and organized.  And if anyone ever tells you that you have too many shoes, I disagree.  You may have A LOT, but never too many.


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