Time.  All that’s left is time, and all I hate is time.

Time is getting the better of all of us.  I think we’re all going a little crazy, us military folk, with the time we have remaining.

Some of us have longer than others, and not all of our husband’s are going to the same base.  Some of us expected a lot more, and others are getting a lot less.  And in the time we have remaining, it’s now below some of us to compare, contrast, and envy.  Not all of us, but some.

And it’s all because of the time that causes our minds to idle, and idle minds tend to wander to the dark side.  They see past what they have, and see what others have, and want what they do not have, instead of appreciating the time they do have with the one they love.

And it’s all because of this time.  This difficult time of preparing yourself to say “good-bye” to your spouse, with a date that isn’t really set in stone until it happens, and especially for those of us who have not been through a deployment before, who do not know what to expect but only that we will miss our spouse while they are gone.  And we’re left to ponder over the possibilities, good and bad, in our idle minds.

My advice, is to keep your attentions on your spouse and your family, for they are what is most important to you now.  Don’t worry about who has a deployment date later, giving them those extra few days or a week with their spouse.  Things happen the way they do for a reason, and you are given your personal struggles and trials because you can conquer them.  Or so the optimist in me says.  The realist understands we do not always overcome our obstacles, but are given the obstacles in which we can learn from, or become stronger through failure.  We are not all the same, and therefore cannot handle the same things.  We are not robots.  You have to focus on what you have, and your own personal struggles.  We are all saying good-bye to our spouse, we are all going to miss them terribly for the time they are gone.  You are not alone in this, and your ordeals are not any less or any more than any other couple who is unhappily saying good-bye for deployment.

Time is all we have left, and we never know how much time that may be.  The best we can all do is make the best use of the time we have with the ones we love.


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