Full Body Massages = the Rx for Stress Tension

I just got back from a massage appointment, and I honestly have to recommend going.


In July, I decided that it would be nice for me to get a massage to help with the tension in my body caused by stress, and hopefully help with some of the anxiety attacks I had been having.  So, I booked myself a half hour session – I had never really been to a massage therapist before, only one who worked in a chiropractor’s office I used to go to, and they were simple little massages, nothing elaborate, so I wasn’t really sure what to expect.

For the half hour, she focused on my back, since there wasn’t much time to do a full body massage in 30 minutes without it being rushed.  It was amazing!  My one year anniversary with my husband was coming up, and knowing he has body aches and pains every now and then, I thought it would be a nice gift to him to book a one hour appointment for him.  He had never really had a full body massage, either, so he was excited, but timid about it.  Needless to say, after that appointment, he was hooked as much as I was.


Now, my issue is that I never really relax – and my massage therapist noticed it, and would comment on it.  Because, you don’t really get the full benefit of the massage – physically or mentally – if you don’t turn your mind off and relax.  But I’d be thinking about everything, and then focusing too much on what she was doing, anticipating her next move, and then trying to enjoy the massage but at the same time trying to be aware of the time.  All things you should not be doing and thinking about when you’re getting a massage.

So, tonight I had another one hour massage, and I think was at least able to relax a lot more than I had been doing.  But, seriously, if I could have someone just massage my back, shoulders, neck, and head for hours on end, I would be in heaven.  Definitely my favorite parts of the massage!



So, as I’m still in “ahhhhh” mode, I recommend anyone who is feeling the stress of deployment, or just military life, in their body, with tense muscles and a tight back, maybe stress headaches, should find a good massage therapist or day spa in your area, and take an hour for yourself every now and then.  If you’re getting the right massage, with some actual muscle manipulation, it is better to go more frequently to prevent your muscles resetting themselves where they shouldn’t be, but it gets expensive, so all things to take into consideration.  But if you can turn your mind off for that half hour, hour, or however long you book, it’s completely worth it.


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