Getting the Ball Rolling

My husband is doing the dishes, and I thought I’d steal a minute to write up a quick blog.

[I love my husband.  I cook the dinners, and he’ll do the dishes for me!]

We don’t have the official orders yet, no paperwork, but we’re anticipating deployment, and starting to get the ball rolling.  You, as the reader, won’t get to know when things happen until after they’ve happened.  I am going to honor the rules of OPSEC, and keep the official dates and destinations off of this blog, and off of the internet altogether.  When he lands in the middle east, I’m sure I’ll be writing about being apart, but I cannot guarantee more than that.

But working with our anticipated deadline, we’re starting to get the ball rolling – packing, moving, closing on our lease, getting the carpets steam cleaned, I have to pick up mail forwarding packets so we can get all of our mail at where I will be living during deployment…trying to think about what’s going in storage and what’s coming with me.  It feels like there’s a lot to do, and all of a sudden, time is going by so fast.  It’s hard to believe we’ve been in our apartment just over a year now, on this Post for just over a year.  And although we knew there would be an upcoming deployment this year, now that we’re in the final months of our time here, our time together, it feels like every day is suddenly going by twice as fast.  Like someone decided there would be 12 hours in a day instead of 24.  Is it really already September 20th?  Really?  Where the hell has this month gone?  Where has the summer gone?

I miss the days when summer, mid-June through August, were months that lasted forever.  When I had absolutely no responsibilities but to be in the lake whenever the sun was out, a few warm nights of skinny-dipping, slumber parties with friends, trips to the beach, late nights…But those carefree months were years, and years ago.  Now, every day is the same, and the days flip by on the calendar.

I’ll admit, it was a little overwhelming trying to think of everything we have to do, call the people who have to be called…at least it gives me something to do for now.

But even with all we have to do, I’m still making an effort to just enjoy every day with my husband.  I only hope our separation is for the term of his deployment, and not a lifetime, but you just never know.

He’s finished with the dishes now, and doing his usual foolish antics that always make me smile.  I think I’ll go give him a hug.


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