First Year of Marriage

A year ago today, my husband and I committed ourselves to each other on the top of Cadillac Mt., Blue Point Overlook, in Bar Harbor, ME, at sunset.

Wow, was that really 1 year ago?

In some ways, it’s hard to believe it’s only been a year.  On the other hand, as my husband so sarcastically put it this morning, “it feels like two.”  I blame the Army for making this year feel so long.   haha.  One year ago today, we were married.  Six days from now, will be our 1 year anniversary at this Post.  Being HERE feels like forever.  But being married…wow.

It’s been a great year, marriage wise.  We have become such a stronger couple because of the Army (indirectly), and I feel our bond, commitment, is so much stronger.  We finish each others’ thoughts; still manage to drive each other crazy, but know the only person we want to finish the day with is each other; have found new things to do and enjoy together (non-sexually, you perverts! haha); and have truly come together as a couple.  Looking back, it’s quite a difference between dating, to marriage, in how there’s a new feeling of commitment; of unconditional love.

This morning, we woke up rather lazily, and enjoyed coffee together.  We then proceeded to get ready to go out for our planned day at Singer Castle – our first time visiting.  Despite my best efforts and intentions, I had a minor meltdown this morning.  All of a sudden, I had nothing to wear.  Sure, my closet was as full as it’s been, I wasn’t backed up on doing laundry, so I had plenty of clean options.  But nothing was right.  Everything I owned was wrong: it was either way too formal, or too casual, I felt, for 1 year anniversary attire.  Sure, we had a casual day planned, but I wanted to look nice, and nice is not what I found in my closet.  I went from wearing a simple dress I wore at my high school graduation (I know, right?), but that wasn’t right.  So I put on a GAP khaki casual skirt and a v-neck print sleeveless top.  But my husband HATES those tops (I have 4, each in a different color), so that didn’t feel right, since it is our Anniversary.  I finally settled on a pair of denim shorts, a ribbed tank, and a casual white button-up blouse.  It looked nice enough, and at that point, I was giving up since my closet was not giving me what I wanted, for such a special but casual day.

So, after finally getting an outfit I could stand to wear, doing the whole girly thing of makeup and hair, we were ready to roll.

We made it out for the tour, which was a lot of fun.  I managed to keep my camera away for most of the castle tour, so I could enjoy time with my husband – as much as I could, from being easily distracted by the Castle’s appeal.  We were in an odd group – my husband later told me he felt like we were in a group of “misfit toys”, referencing Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer.  We were in a small group of two men roughly in their 60’s maybe 70’s, another older man probably in his 50’s with who I believed to be his granddaughter, between 8-10yrs, and us.  No one was really personable, or overly friendly.  Sure, they’d smile politely if you made eye contact, but no one really talked to anyone but the person they came with.  My husband and I seemed like the only one’s who smiled or showed any emotion throughout the tour, so it was like our tour guide made the most eye contact with the two of us.  Needless to say, the tour went well, and we enjoyed ourselves.

After the tour, we went out to eat.  Although we each only had our main course, and one drink each, we were stuffed for the rest of the day.  I still can’t stand to think of food, and it’s almost 10pm!

My husband and I are going to toast to ourselves, to our marriage, in a few minutes with wine we received as a wedding gift.  Although our second year of marriage will be spent apart, I truly hope that we are able to enjoy a lifetime together thereafter.


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