[Originally posted on Mach 26, 2010 on Blogger]

The husband of a friend of mine is coming “home” tomorrow.  I use quotations, because while he has been state-side, he is now able to return to their literal Home.

I am super excited for her.  I can only imagine how I will react when it’s my turn, in roughly 19 months.

19 months…when it’s put like that, it doesn’t seem like that long; only 12 of those months he will be gone.  And I am dreading every single day.

But, I am looking forward to the day that I get to greet him when he gets off of his plane.  I am sure that I will cry…or bawl, really.  And not want to let him go.

I at least hope this is the way I get to greet my husband when he comes home…


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